Deep Creek Lake's Only Full Service Butcher Shop
Featuring the Finest In Local and Naturally Raised Grass Fed Beef, Pork, and Lamb

Phone: 301-750-5039 ~ 5481 Friendsville Road (Route 42) Friendsville, MD 21531
Helping to Turn Vacations Into Gourmet Feasts!
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Deep Creek Lake Custom Butcher Shop
Featuring western Maryland and West Virginia Grass Fed Beef, Pork and Lamb
Locally Raised Anti-Biotic and Hormone Free Meats

Meat Market

Your family deserves the absolute best in healthy naturally raised beef, pork and lamb. Our USDA Inspected Butcher Shop is reviving the tradition of the Neighborhood Butcher Shop where friendly service, and quality reign supreme from slaughter to processing.

Our meats are 100% anti biotic and hormone free and grass fed (some organic grains are sometimes used for finishing). We provide much of the livestock from our own Working H Farms family farms and from local partner farms that we have personally inspected.

We have an on-site smokehouse and offer a rotating selection of our renowned bacon and specialty sausages as well as other specialty
smoked meats.

We also offer pigs scalded and slow smoked in our smoker, served on a platter with flowers and garnish. Whole Pigs for Roasting as well.

pig roasting for deep creek lake

We can help you with your favorite cuts or specialty cuts, provide portion and recipe tips, as well as get specialty products you may be seeking. We want you to feel good about the meat you eat and not just because itís delicious. We feel itís your right to know where your food comes from and how it gets to you and your familyís plate at home.

Market Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 11AM-6PM,
Sat. 11AM-5PM, Closed Sunday


Natural Beef Pork Lamb in western Maryland
Our USDA inspected facility guarantees the finest in slaughtering and butchering.
Natural grass fed meats maryland
Professional butchers with expertise.
Natural Lamb in Marylanmd
From fine lamb to the best in grass fed beef and natural grain fed free range pork. Once you go grass fed Working H Meats you won't want to go back to big grocery chain or feed lot meats.
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Working H Meats
Phone: 301-750-5039
5481 Friendsville Road (Route 42) , Friendsville, MD 21531

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