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Pigs For Roasting ~ Split or Whole
Whole Pigs for Pig Roasts, Caterers, Weddings, Parties and Barbecues
Western Maryland, Morgantown, WV, and Southern Pennsylvania

Nothing puts everyone in a good mood or causes as much party excitement as a pig roasted to delicious and moist perfection. If you are looking for a place to buy a pig for roasting in western Maryland, West Virginia or southwest Pennsylvania you have come to the right place. Our USDA inspected and slaughtered pigs are the perfect highlight to your next big outdoor feast and barbecue. We are centrally located in the mid-Atlantic region and near Morgantown, WV, Somerset, PA, and Cumberland, MD.

We supply preepared pigs for roasting to individuals and prepared pigs for commercial roasting services.

2 weeks notice is the usual lead time we need for whole pigs.

Pricing for Whole Pigs:

75-100 lbs $2.55 a pound
101-125 lbs $2.20 a pound
126-150 lbs $1.95 a pound
151lbs PLUS lbs $2.05 a pound
  • OPTIONS: Head on or head off.
  • Butterflied. Split or Intact
  • Complete Cooking/Smoking of your pig and ready to eat is an additional $1.59 per pound. (2+ weeks notice required)
  • Platter rentals are available (with deposit)
  • Call us for a list of local pig roasting professionals
  • Please pre order your pig in advance.


Don't be shy.... how about roasting your own pig? Information on how to roast your own pig can be found at this video link.

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North Carolina Pig Picking Info and Sauce

Equipment for Roasting Pigs

Build Your Own Hog and Pig Roasting Pit Out of Cinder Blocks

Pigs for Pig Roast
Natural Beef Pork Lamb in western Maryland
Whole Pigs for Pig Roasts in western Maryland

USDA Permit

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Phone: 301-750-5039
5481 Friendsville Road (Route 42), Friendsville, MD 21531

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