Specialty Cuts

We can provide discerning chefs and home cooks a variety of specialty cuts. Call our pro butchers if you need anything special. Most specialty cuts will need advanced notice.

We can help you with your favorite cuts or specialty cuts, provide portion and recipe tips, as well as get specialty products you may be seeking. We want you to feel good about the meat you eat and not just because it’s delicious. We feel it’s your right to know where your food comes from and how it gets to you and your family’s plate at home.


We provide USDA slaughter, scalding and processing your pigs. We offer in-house smoking and curing of your meats. We also provide many flavors of in-house sausages for you to choose from. Your sausage can be provided ground or in links depending on your application. Everything will be vacuum sealed and frozen.


We provide USDA slaughter and processing of your animal. We custom cut, vacuum seal, and freeze all your meats. We can patty, tenderize, and cube your cuts of beef.


We provide USDA slaughter and vacuum sealing of your poultry.

Lamb & Goat

We provide USDA slaughter and processing of your animal. Your animal is custom cut and vacuum sealed to how you want it.

Have a Question?

Working H Meats and Market would be happy to answer any questions and take any orders you may have. Come visit us, give us a call, or send in a form. We look forward to hearing from you!