Naturally Raised Beef

Our Maryland and West Virginia Grass fed meat products tend to be much lower in total fat than primarily grain fed products. A sirloin steak from a grass fed steer has about one half to one third the total fat of a grain fed product. When you consume lean meat it actually lowers your LDL cholesterol levels and is lower in calories. A 6 ounce steak from a grass fed steer has about 100 fewer calories than a grain fed steer.

Grass fed meats also give you from two to six times more of a type of good fat called ‘omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are helpful in controlling high blood pressure and irregualr heartbeats as well as lower your chance of heart attacks. Omega-3s are essential for your brain as well.  People with a diet rich in omega-3s are less likely to be afflicted with depression,  schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder (hyperactivity), or Alzheimer’s disease. Another benefit of omega-3s is that they may reduce your risk of cancer.  

In addition many consumers feel the meat from grass fed naturally raised animals provides a superior taste and in many cases is actually more tender than grocery store chain meats.

We want to share with you how we raise our livestock and how we insure that your beef is anti-biotic and hormone free. Our partner Working H Farms has been providing quality meat products for 10 years.

Our different cuts of beef

Quality Cuts. Delicious Taste.

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Order in bulk we have quarter, half, and whole


Often sold as roasts, it is more tender and often used for crockpots and roasting.


One of the prime cuts. Has little fat and is very tender. Can be used a whole piece for roasting or cut into steaks.


A very versatile piece of meat, there are 3 types of round. There is the eye, top, and bottom round. The roast is great for crockpots and roasting. Also, can be used for stir fry and cubed steak.


Flavorful and tender with great marbling. Great for grilling in steak form or cut to prime rib for roasting. This piece of meat is provided bone in or boneless.


Often sold for smoking or roasting

NY Strip

Flavorful and tender piece of steak. It is great for grilling.


Flavorful tender piece of meat that has bone in NY strip and a small piece of fillet.

Sirloin Steak

Tender and less fatty piece of steak. Great for grilling or pan frying.


Flavorful tender piece of meat that has a bone in NY strip and a large piece of fillet.


Although a prime cut, it is usually cheaper than fillet or sirloin because it’s not quite as tender. Considered by many to have a far superior flavor than sirloin or fillet. Suitable for quick cooking e.g. frying, stir-fries, grilling or barbecuing.

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